Woodlea Primary School


Policies & Documentation

Below are links to our key policies and documentation, if you require any further information please contact the school office.


Accessibility Plan review April 2024

Administration of Medicines Policy review October 2023

Admissions 2022-23

Admissions 2023-24

Admissions 2024-25

Assessment Policy review April 2023

Attendance Policy review April 2024

Behaviour Policy review November 2023

Bereavement Policy review April 2023

Calculation Policy review November 2022

Charging and remissions policy review October 2023

Child protection policy review September 2023

Collective Worship Policy review November 2022

Communications Policy review September 2022

Complaints policy review December 2022

Data Protection review November 2023

Dignity at Work review October 2023

Drugs Policy April 2023

EAL Policy review April 2022

Equalities Policy review April 2024

Exclusions policy review October 2023

EYFS policy review December 2022

Feedback and Marking Policy review April 2024

First Aid policy review October 2023

Freedom of Information Publication Scheme review October 2023

GDPR policy review March 2023

Hampshire School Emergency Response Plan 

Health and Safety Policy review October 2023

Home working Policy review April 2023

Intimate Care Policy review November 2022

Jigsaw PSHE and RSE information review October 2022

Lettings policy review November 2022

Lockdown Policy & Procedures review April 2024

Low Level Concerns review October 2022

Managing Allegations Against Children review April 2023

Online Safety review November 2022

Privacy Notice 

Safeguarding Policy review September 2023

SEND policy review July 2023

Social Media Policy review October 2023

Staff Acceptable Use of IT Policy review October 2023

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy review April 2024


Whistleblowing Policy review October 2023



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